After a bit of a hiatus, I noticed something on which I just have to comment…

•April 6, 2010 • 2 Comments

So, Conrad Murray’s defense is that MJ woke up, got mad because he woke up, and injected himself with more Propofol to make himself sleep, thus killing himself, right? He even goes so far as to say that when he re-entered the room, MJ’s eyes were open (this via TMZ today), which would prove this defense, because his eyes would have been closed if he were sleeping when he “died.”

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Completely Random, but I Noticed This…

•February 2, 2010 • 3 Comments

On October 3rd, TMZ reported that Dr. Murray had had Propofol shipped to his girlfriend’s apartment from Applied Pharmacy, right?

Now, I was perusing the search warrant randomly earlier (Yes, I do that kind of thing from time to time…) and I noticed something. Continue reading ‘Completely Random, but I Noticed This…’

I Don’t Know If I Ever Can Say Goodbye…

•January 24, 2010 • 4 Comments

I find myself sitting here tonight thinking quite a bit about the events of the last several months, and I can only come to one sad conclusion. After taking a long, hard look at everything I’ve witnessed since the 25th of June, I can only conclude that it is time to take a step back from the hoax community.

When I first entered the hoax community, I was beyond impressed at the level of dedication and investigative prowess I found on display on a daily basis. Back then (I say it like it was so long ago, and tonight, it seems an eon since then), everyone for the most part held a level of respect for one another. We were all there for the same purpose, and we were willing to work together to achieve that goal. Disagreements generally resulted in healthy debate which sometimes ended in collaboration and sometimes ended with the parties involved reaching a middle ground. There were, of course, times that didn’t happen, the times where people just agreed to disagree.

Those times became more and more frequent, but before long, the general friendly atmosphere deteriorated, and disagreements turned from sources of debate to cesspools of derision and anger. Respectful conversation more and more often was replaced with vile words, accusations, and insinuations. The community seemed to split into factions, and I was accused more often than not of “riding the fence” because, by nature, I attempt to explore all feasible possibilities instead of eliminating them offhand because they seem to me to be improbable. Doing that often kept me in contact with people on all sides of whatever argument was foremost in everyone’s minds at the time.

I did try to remain outside the drama and chose not to speak when some felt I should have, though, admittedly, I finally reached my breaking point and began to speak when I saw something (generally actions) that I felt to be inherently wrong, and I did lose friends, acquaintances, and contacts in the course of that process.  I refuse to mention specific instances here–the past is the past, and I feel it is better left there in this case. Whether they or anyone else realized it, I did regret those losses and wished many times that such situations had not arisen. However, I also realized that if they could not respect that I disagreed with them, be it over actions, rules, or harsh words, then perhaps it was in my own best interests to lose them.

Despite everything that happened, I was determined to stick with the investigation. All that wasn’t the reason I joined the community, I joined because I truly believe this to be a hoax and will continue to believe so until I am confronted with irrefutable evidence to the contrary. But now, I  look at what remains and what is associated with it–all the drama and hate and hypocrisy that appear to be the primary focus rather than objective investigation–and I realize that, no matter what, that is what people will remember when they think of the hoax and that is what people will assume of me, or any of us  for that matter, at the mention of something hoax-related. THAT is the legacy we are leaving.

I would like to say that this legacy is contrary to everything for which Michael Jackson stands, but in all honesty, I cannot say that–I do not know him, and I cannot feign knowledge of what would or would not meet his approval. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is this: that kind of legacy is contrary to what I feel in my soul to be right.

This is not goodbye. I’m sure I will find my way back one day, so for now, I bid you all a fond au revoir and remind you that my blog and my MSN remain open to all of you, no matter what and regardless of any disagreements we have had in the past. I am still completely willing to discuss hoax-related matters with any of you and will likely continue to work on my own, but I cannot in good conscience take part in any of the drama and fighting I find to be so prevalent lately. My faith in the hoax itself remains strong. My faith in the hoax community, however, is sorely shaken, as much as it pains me to say so, but I still cling to the hope that one day, we will all find our way back.

Much love to you all,


Short post here about TMZ…

•December 29, 2009 • 1 Comment

I notice people are still discussing the fact that Michael Jackson is not in the RIP section of TMZ.

Another notable MJ omission I noticed…when discussing the burial of Brittany Murphy in Forest Lawn, they felt the need to name some notable celebrities who have been buried there, but not MJ.

Things that make you go hmmmm…

What does TMZ have to gain?

•December 28, 2009 • 1 Comment

We know that Harvey has connections to Michael Jackson that, at the very least, go back to the first molestation trial. Even still, TMZ is risking a lot by aiding in the perpetration of the hoax…right?

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The Good Doctor’s Father

•December 28, 2009 • Leave a Comment

So, I was working on something else when I came across this nifty PDF file on ABCNews.

Did you guys know that the good doc’s father had his license come under review by the TX medical board in 1994? Or that he was put on severe restrictions for 5 years?

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MJ and the Bat Cave?

•December 20, 2009 • 1 Comment

Originally posted October 28th, when the TMZ story was posted:

Check this article from TMZ:

Jackson Wanted to Be Fresh King of Bel-Air
Posted Oct 28th 2009 12:08AM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has learned Michael Jackson was involved in negotiations to buy a $38 million 15 bedroom, 16.5 bath Bel Air mansion just before he died — and the deal was 7 years in the making. Continue reading ‘MJ and the Bat Cave?’